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Our Story 

We are Lark

We are Kish, Vanessa, and Enzo, the family at the heart of Lark! It all started with a sweaty baby and mom with eczema on a  mission to provide babies and children with sweat-free, safe, and supremely comfortable clothing for their super-sensitive skin. Through innovation and perseverance, we brought to life Lark's exclusive Softek™ fabric, our very own "Goldilocks" solution. Our team is predominantly comprised of talented women, (and moms!) hailing from various corners of the globe. Together, we possess a wealth of experience exceeding 50 years in crafting clothing for both kids and women.

Our Mission

At Lark, our mission is simple: we make really, really great clothes that kids love to wear with smart details that matter. With every garment, we embrace the idea that comfort enables little ones to sleep soundly, move freely, explore fearlessly and experience the world with curiosity.