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Year-Round Comfort Guide: Tips for Keeping Your Little Ones Cozy Throughout the Year

Year-Round Comfort Guide: Tips for Keeping Your Little Ones Cozy Throughout the Year - Wear Lark

As a parent, you want to see your child as happy and healthy as possible. Part of ensuring their happiness involves picking out the right clothes for them to wear. Not only are clothes great for allowing your child to express themselves, but they are also crucial for keeping them comfortable and cozy. Everything from the fit of the clothes to their material affects their overall quality. 

Need help finding the perfect clothes for your little one? No worries! I’ll be guiding you on everything from finding cozy winter suits to breathable baby summer pajamas in my latest blog post. Check it out now!

Have you checked out Lark Adventurewear? We make premium bamboo essentials for kids 0-8 years from our special Softek™ fabric. Super-Soft, Breathable and Stain Resistant.

Top 5 Tips for Finding Comfy Clothes for Your Children

Woman with Children in ShopAt around 4 or 5 years old, your children should be given some say in what they wear. As a parent, you can still give them tips on choosing and styling their clothes! 

1. Look for Clothes Made From Bamboo Fabric

Did you know that bamboo fabric is some of the softest material around? Many people compare the fabric’s soft quality to that of silk. And unlike other fabrics like polyester, bamboo clothes are incredibly breathable. This highly-absorbent fabric also keeps your children dry and comfortable during playtime. 

Whether your child is playing outside in the park or snuggled into bed, the fabric’s powerful insulating qualities help manage their internal temperature. When playing outside, your child will be protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays thanks to the fabric’s natural protective properties. 

So, when shopping for new clothes, try to pick out some items made from bamboo fabric. For instance, my signature bamboo baby essentials are made of innovative Softek™ fabric to keep your kids safe and comfortable. Shorts, shirts, pants, footies, and more stylish bamboo essentials can all be found in my online store

2. Pick a Color Scheme

When shopping for new clothes, you want to keep both comfort and style in mind. One easy way to do this is by following a color scheme. Kids usually enjoy wearing bright colors like pink, yellow, and blue. Don’t worry about following any “gender norms” when it comes to picking out different colors for your kids. There is no reason why your little boy can’t sport a cute jacket, or your little girl can’t try on some blue pajamas. 

Need help mixing and matching your clothes? My favorite color combinations include:

  • Pale blue and pink
  • Red and blue
  • Orange and blue
  • Pink and grey
  • White and yellow (you might have to be careful with the white depending on how messy your child is)
  • Green and yellow

3. Keep Your Child’s Tastes in Mind

Your child will be the ones wearing the clothes you purchase, so it’s essential to keep their preferences in mind. Most parents wait until their children are about 4 or 5 years old before letting them pick out their own clothing. You can still guide and help your child through deciding on what clothes to pick, but giving them autonomy over this task will increase the likelihood that they will actually wear them when the time comes. 

4. Remember That Sizing Varies Among Stores

You should always have your children try the clothes on and perform a quick bend-and-twist test to make sure they actually fit properly. Even if you are certain that your child is a size small in sweatpants at Gap, that doesn’t mean that this size seamlessly holds up at other stores. If you’re ordering clothes from an online store, remember to double-check their return policy in case the clothes don’t end up fitting. 

5. Purchase Sensory-Friendly Clothing

Some children are more sensitive to clothing than others. As a result, you may need to purchase sensory-friendly clothing. This may include seamless socks, compression shirts, and pants without raised elastic bands. Sensory-friendly clothing can help your children feel safe and reduce stress. 

How to Dress Your Little Ones According to the Season

young children dressed in pastel clothes from lark adventurewearAs the seasons change, you’ll need to adjust your child’s wardrobe accordingly. 


Layers. Layers. Layers. During the winter, you’ll want to keep your children cozy by layering pieces of clothing like bodysuits and long-sleeve footed pajamas. Sleepsacks and warm blankets will also help keep your little ones warm during these chilly months. 


You’ll still need to dress your children in layers during the spring. If the temperature starts to rise, you can easily peel these layers off. 


Light, breathable clothes will be key during the hot months of summer—especially when it comes to finding cool and cozy summer baby pajamas. Clothes made from bamboo fabric are perfect for wicking off sweat and protecting your child from harmful UV rays. 


During the fall, it’s time to start layering the clothes again. For babies, I like starting with a sleeper onesie before adding more clothes like long-sleeved pants and a shirt. 

Spring is almost upon us! Before you know it, the snow will start to melt away and the sun will finally come out again. Now is the perfect time to begin searching for Spring clothes and summer baby pajamas! Lark Adventurewear offers soft and stylish clothes for babies, toddlers, and young children. Shop our super soft bamboo collection now!
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