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Gender Neutral 101. What it means and why it's important.

Gender Neutral 101. What it means and why it's important. - Wear Lark

Pink is for girls. Blue is for boys.

Isn’t that what we were raised to believe?

But wait - hello! It’s 2018. When we only expose our children to certain colors or items that are considered societally okay for either 'boys" or for "girls" we are conditioning them to think of themselves with a certain role in society. Deep right? Shouldn't a boy be able to play with a toy kitchen and our daughters to play with cars?  Don't we all want our children to thrive and open every door their little imaginations could think was possible?

As a founder who had a career Wall Street amongst mostly men only to create a children's clothing line way down the line, I strongly believe that we need to create a world of infinite possibilities for our children. Not confined by their gender or previously created roles in society. And that starts with the small things when kiddos are small, the options they are given when it comes to the toys they interact with and clothing they wear. 

At Lark, we have tried hard to make our clothing gender neutral so your little ones have plenty of options to choose from. We want to break these societal barriers when it comes to clothing by simply providing color palettes and prints that appeal to all kids. And gender neutral clothes can be difficult to find. We wanted to commit to styles, designs and patterns that ALL little ones can wear.

If your little girl loves teal because it reminds her of the scales of a fish, let her throw that blue top on! If your son’s favorite color is pink because it reminds him of all the pretty flowers that you planted in the front yard, he should wear it with a big smile on his face.

Lark Adventurewear was designed so boys and girls alike can both wear the pieces and can get as creative as they want when putting their outfits together. Children should be able to express themselves through their clothes as much as possible. We want our children to be and dress like the adventurous children they are - “boys” and “girls” labeling aside.

We also want your little ones to feel good in the clothes that they wear. As your babies turn into little explorers, they begin to choose what they like and don’t like - one of those choices being what they want to wear for the day. Getting dressed in the morning is fun and exciting, and we want them to look forward to this process by giving them clothes they love!

Because we are the first and only baby activewear apparel brand, we believe in quality over quantity. Lark Adventurewear is functional, fashionable, environmentally friendly, and totally safe for your little one’s sensitive skin - and is super, buttery soft! Our littles love wearing Lark, and so will you. 💕


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