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Fall Activities to Do with Your Family

Fall Activities to Do with Your Family - Wear Lark

Outdoor Fall Adventures Family Style


The crisp, cool days of fall are officially upon us, and fun outdoor activities and adventures abound! From camping to collecting leaves, here are some of our favorite outdoor experiences. So grab your kid carrier or baby hiking backpack and let’s hit the trails…family style!  

Tyke Hiking


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Hiking can be totally suitable for small children. We recommend asking your friends/other parents where their favorite kid-friendly trails are. Researching online or calling your county/state’s parks department and ask which marked hikes would be child-oriented are great resources as well. You might even want to scope out the trail ahead of time, before bring your kids. Be sure to plan ahead by bringing a good baby carrier, plenty of drinks, diapers and snacks, sun screen and bug repellent. Figure out a realistic distance/terrain ahead of time. You may want to start out on the early side so you can get home in time for lunch and a nap!



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Geocaching is the ultimate outdoor treasure hunt, and kiddos and adults alike have been known to become addicted! Geocaching can make hiking for kids more fun, exciting and meaningful. Plus, when you find and take a treasure, you have to replace it with something of yours. A nice message for your tot to learn early! Check out the official geocaching site for more info. Treasure the time together!


baby camping


Contrary to popular belief, camping CAN be done with little ones – you just need to prepare a bit differently. Trekaroo is a great resource for what to bring for family camping and how to best prepare. Quite inspiring as well!

Collect Leaves

fall leaves

If hiking and camping isn’t in the cards for your family this weekend, why not go for a neighborhood walk and collect leaves? It’s an awesome way to get everyone walking, enjoying the foliage, and taking in autumn’s wonderful sights and sounds. You and your toddler can even make a leaf scrapbook

Star Gazing

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The beauty of star gazing is that it can be done anywhere…and even in your PJ’s! In advance, get your toddler excited by showing him some board books about stars and planets. There are some great sites that give amazing tips on how to star gaze with your family. We love Check it out!

Backyard Games


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Get your family game on in the yard or nearby park with some of the classics: Tag, Kick the Can, Hopscotch, Capture the Flag, 4-square, Red Rover, Red-Light Green-Light, Simon Says, Duck Duck Goose, make giant bubbles, or a water balloon catch. Nothing says family bonding like Freeze Tag!

Family Training

babywearing hike

Decide on a family goal of a walking or running a 5K, or any distance you feel is appropriate. You could sign up for a community walk or race for a charity together. Create a training schedule, make your own team tee shirts, come up with your own family chant, and just have a blast doing it! Baby wearing is perfect for this!

We encourage you to get outside this weekend with your family and HAVE FUN!

“The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world’s joy.”

–Henry Ward Beecher

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