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Practical Mom Hacks that Work

Practical Mom Hacks that Work - Wear Lark

When you have a free few minutes, do you find yourself seaching online for parenting tips or helpful mom advice to make life run a little smoother? If you are in need of a few usable parenting morsels of wisdom (or just stuff you never thought of), to help streamline your world, we've got some super fantastic hacks for you.


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1. It's in the bag

Keep a bag of kid essentials in your car at all times. A change of clothes, a pair of pj's, a towel, hand wipes, sunscreen, diapers, bandaids, blue painters tape (see next item :-)), etc. If you use something out of the bag, replenish it asap!


2. Blue painters tape

This tape is pure gold and a must to have on hand...use it for hanging up your kids artwork, covering the lock on your toddler's door, making temporary hopscotch boards or tic tac toe, and is awesome for traveling too. It can be used as a quick way to childproof outlets, or hang up a monitor in a hotel without leaving a mark on the wall. The possibilities are endless...


3. Mesh laundry bag

Brilliant for laundering your toddlers tiny socks! Don't spend precious time searching for all those lost mates. Purchase a lingerie mesh washable bag and throw 'em all in the washer! Everybody's happy!


3. Order groceries online

Massive timesaver. Busy moms swear by ordering anything they can online. Here is a terrific list of the best organic food stores online! Order everything from diapers to wine right from your computer, and with all that extra time, you can go for a hike with your little one!


(photo credit: Cassandra Salemme)

5. Layering the bed

For the parents going through potty training with your toddler, layer a waterproof mattress pad, fitted sheet over that, and then do a second layer of waterproof mattress pad and fitted sheet on top of the first. When accidents happen in the middle of the night, just peel off the top layer and go back to bed!


6. Pizza Cutter 

A most excellent and underrated tool! Use it not only for pizza, but for cutting sandwiches into fourths, cutting off crusts, slicing up chicken into strips, and so much more. Here's a fun blog post with more uses for our beloved pizza cutter!


7. Veggie Freak Out

Worry no more about getting those veggies into your sweet child's diet. Here is an easy way to make everyone smile. Make yummy green smoothie popsickles using this recipe. Use ice cube trays to freeze if you don't have designated popsickle molds. Pop one out of the freezer in a pinch!


8. Toothpaste

We all have it in the cabinet...but non-gel toothpaste can be used for a plethora of things (that have nothing to do with brushing one's teeth)! Clean scuffs off sneakers with it, deodorize baby bottles, remove crayon from walls, remove stains from clothes or carpets and tons more.


9. Ice Ice Tray Baby

Another awesome mom hack - ice cube trays. These are amazing for toddlers - put little bits of different foods for them to taste test, or let your child organize small toys or crafts in each section. Use for making popsickles, as a paint tray, or your own personal jewelry organizer.  


10. Say Cheese

If you're out for the day in a public setting, such as at the beach, park, or pool - take a quick pic of the kiddos at beginning on the day unlikely event that someone gets lost. It's improbable, but nevertheless, it's a wise safety tip. 

We hope you found something helpful in this post. What are your best parenting hacks? We'd love to know! 

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