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Not to fear! Halloween at home this year?

Not to fear! Halloween at home this year? - Wear Lark

Stuck in your haunted house this year? Don’t let staying in scare away the fun! Check out our tips on how to have a fun (and socially distanced) halloween whether you're trick or treating or creating your own fun.

Halloween movie marathon

Grab a blanket and some popcorn! Sit down to watch all your kiddos’ halloween favorites! Maybe not the scary ones... 😳🍿

Spooky dance party

Use this spooktacular playlist to have your own Monster Mash this halloween! 🎶🕺

    Boo your next door neighbor

    Get your neighborhood in the halloween spirit by leaving a bag of treats for your neighbors, but shhh you have to keep it a secret! Find the easy instructions and printouts here! 👻🚪

      Easter meets Halloween

      Can't go door to door? Try this easy alternative... Hide candy around the house or even backyard and have a Halloween themed Easter egg hunt! 🥚🍬

        Trick or treating parade

        Looking to do something with the neighborhood? Coordinate with neighbors to have a little parade. People can stay in their cars and toss candy to kiddos in the front yard! It's a great chance for those uncomfortable with answering the door to see everyone’s costumes. 🚙 🍭

          Make spider cookies (And more!)

          They’re easy, quick, and taste delicious. If you’re feeling more ambitious you can easily find dozens of other slightly more complicated halloween treats here. 🧁👩‍🍳

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