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Newborn & Toddler Fashion: 8 Tips for Choosing Fabrics, Layering, and Offering Ultimate Comfort

Newborn & Toddler Fashion: 8 Tips for Choosing Fabrics, Layering, and Offering Ultimate Comfort - Wear Lark

Finding the right clothes for your little one can be challenging. Depending on your baby’s age and the weather, you might need to layer their clothing to keep them warm and comfortable. If you have a rambunctious toddler on your hands, you will want soft, breathable clothing that they can run around in. If they’re prone to making messes with their food, stain-resistant bamboo baby clothes should also remain at the top of your list!

Need help picking out the right essentials for your baby? Check out our tips for styling, layering, and building comfortable outfits for your little one now!

1. Give Them a Cozy Hoodie & Pair of Joggers to Help Them Stay Warm

pastel hoodies and joggers from lark adventurewear

The days are slowly getting chillier! Keep your little one warm and cozy with a soft hoodie and a matching pair of joggers. Hoodies are fun and stylish additions to your child’s wardrobe. You can typically find special hoodies designed for children aged 6 months to 6 years. 

Both our hoodies and joggers are made from a bamboo French Terry blend, making them thicker and cozier than our signature Softek™ jerseys. These hoodies are also perfect for layering over long-sleeved t-shirts. The next time you head outside with your little one, you can rest assured that they’ll feel as snug as a bug in a rug! 

2. Purchase Pocket Shorts for Warm, Sunny Days

If you live in an area that generally stays warm throughout the year, you might want to invest in pocket shorts! These soft and breathable shorts are perfect for toddlers and young children who can spend hours on end running and playing outside. Made of eco-friendly Softek™ fabric, our pocket shorts can help protect your little toddlers from the sun and wick away sweat from their delicate skin. 

3. Invest in Stain-Resistant Clothing

As a parent, you probably already know how messy babies and toddlers can be. Along with following tried and tested tips for getting rid of stubborn stains, purchasing special stain-resistant clothing can also make your life much easier. As adorable as our babies might look with sauce all over their faces, you might not be feeling the same enchanted vibes while you try to scrub the sauce out of their shirt! 

4. Make Sure the Clothes Pass the Bend and Twist Test

young girl wearing pastel bamboo baby clothes

Toddlers can get pretty rambunctious. Whether they are out on the playground or running around with their friends in the background, they need clothes that can move with them. While trying out different clothes, you will want to make sure they pass the bend and twist test

Can your child bend down or reach up without their shorts sliding down? Do the clothes contain excess material? Clothes that are too large or baggy can be uncomfortable to play in. Rather than having to worry about adjusting their clothes every several seconds, your child would much prefer wearing comfortable clothes that they can easily move around in. 

5. Try Outfits Made of Soft Fabrics Like Bamboo Baby Clothes

Scratchy and stiff clothing is never fun to wear. Our bamboo baby essentials offer the ultimate experience in comfort for the little ones. Made of innovative Softek™ fabric, our bamboo baby essentials offer sun protection, stain-resistance, and breathability. They are also designed to wick sweat away from your child’s delicate skin. 

If you have a baby, you will want to keep them warm with thermal-regulating bamboo baby clothes. Their insulating material will keep them warm and cozy during the cold winter months.

By purchasing bamboo baby clothes, you are also following eco-friendly practices! Bamboo cleans the air, supplies oxygen, and takes very little maintenance to grow and upkeep. 

6. Layer Different Essentials

pastel shirts

Layering different baby essentials not only adds a stylistic touch to your child’s outfit, but it also helps them stay warm and cozy! There are numerous ways you can layer your child’s essentials. On cold days, you can layer a hoodie over a long sleeved shirt. Some parents like layering pocket shorts over a kimono bodysuit

In general, you should add one more layer of clothing to your child’s outfit than you would wear yourself. This is because babies tend to lose heat quickly. 

7. Find Clothes That Are Easy to Put on and Remove

To make the dressing process for your little one easier, look for clothes that:

  • Are made of flexible and stretchy fabric
  • Offer snap buttons at the crotch for diaper changes
  • Feature snaps or zips at the front

8. Dress Them in Essentials That Are Light and Playful

Dressing your baby can be fun! You can find a variety of different children’s clothing sets in light and playful colors. Teal, purple, pink, yellow, blue, and grey are all fun, gender-neutral colors you can dress your baby in. You can even add some variety with t-shirts or bodysuits that feature cute little patterns on them. 

Looking for the perfect essentials for your little ones? Bamboo baby clothes offer top-of-the-line choices in style, comfort, and breathability, making them perfect for your rambunctious toddlers. Need to purchase some of these essentials for your children? Lark Adventurewear offers stylish essentials make of soft, temperature-regulating Softek™ fabric. Check out our top-rated baby essentials now!
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