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Infant Sleep, Layering, and Bedtime Tips from Sleep Shop Founder Melissa Brown

Infant Sleep, Layering, and Bedtime Tips from Sleep Shop Founder Melissa Brown - Wear Lark

baby sleepingHave you checked out Lark Adventurewear? We make premium bamboo essentials for kids 0-8 years from our special Softek™ fabric. Super-Soft, Breathable and Stain Resistant.

Like most parents, you have probably experienced your fair share of sleepless nights. Despite being part of parenthood, sleepless nights can be frustrating for parents of little larks and make the days seem stressful and never-ending. We're here to help provide some solutions and help you get back those precious hours of sleep. Both you and your baby can get back to enjoying peaceful, quiet nights by making a few adjustments to their sleep routine. 

We've partnered with sleep expert and Sleep Shop founder Melissa Brown to provide you with best practices for getting your little one to sleep longer and be more rested. From dressing your little one in bamboo baby clothes to finding the ideal room temperature, we’ll be covering the top tips for getting a good night’s rest with your baby! 

FAQ About Preparing Your Child for Sleep

Bamboo baby clothes, breathable bedding, and more essentials can help give your baby better sleep.

little child sleeping in blue pajamasFollowing these tips will help you and your baby enjoy a better night’s rest.

Not getting enough sleep? Transitioning your little one to a regular sleep schedule can be a real challenge. That’s why we’re covering everything you need to know about successfully putting your little one to sleep for the night. Melissa Brown, the founder and CEO of Sleep Shop, answers your most pressing questions about layering and creating an optimal sleep environment for your baby. 

When it comes to dressing your little one, what do you recommend?

A baby’s temperature during their sleep time can largely influence whether or not they will be waking up in the middle of the night! When babies are too hot or too cold, their bodies work too hard to try to regulate their temperature. As a result, the clothes that they wear are incredibly important for their sleep schedule and can make a HUGE difference in how many times a baby wakes up during the night! I would recommend jammies and sleep sack or a swaddle for babies 3 months and under. 

If you are finding that your baby is too warm, I would try for lighter pajamas like Lark Adventurewear’s breathable bamboo footies or rompers. Lark Adventurewear offers soft and colorful bamboo essentials made of temperature-regulating Softek™ fabric. This innovative fabric will keep your baby cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cool. 

If they are too cold having them wear a warmer sleep sack may also help them rest easier. Layering your Lark Adventurewear essentials can also keep them warm and cozy. I literally spend more on pajamas than any other clothing for my kids because it makes such a difference! It is also important to regulate the temperature of the room. I’ll get into this during the next question.

What is the ideal room temperature for a baby/toddler to sleep in?

It is between 68-72 degrees. If their nose and hands are cold, then they are too cold. If their head is warm or sweaty, they are too hot! Again it is so important to find the right temperature for your little one! So make sure you check your baby for any signs of being too hot or too cold.

What kind of bedding should you put in your little one's crib?

You need to put breathable materials and bedding that does not get too warm in your little one’s crib. Bamboo or cotton muslin are great options, but I find that all babies and adults have different preferences when it comes to texture. You want something soft! There are so many different options, but I recommend comfort and safety over everything!

Do you have any other helpful sleeping tips for babes?

There are so many! And they vary based on the baby’s age. I would say be CONSISTENT around nap and bedtime — your little one will know what to expect and more likely fall into a good sleep routine. Have good sleep hygiene in the house, a good sleep environment, a sound machine, a dark room, and a room with a temp around 68-72 degrees. For little babies, I recommend full meals and ideal wake times. Babies that are hungry and overtired have a MUCH harder time sleeping on their own and putting themselves back to sleep when they wake up.

About Melissa

Meet Melissa, the founder and CEO of Sleep Shop

melissa brownMelissa Brown is the founder of Sleep Shop, a company dedicated to helping your little one enjoy better sleep.

Melissa Brown has a masters in Pastoral Care & Counseling and a Clinical Pastoral Education certificate. Prior to founding Sleep Shop, Melissa worked with dozens of families to help coach them through the most vulnerable times of their lives. Today, Melissa helps families set up healthy sleep schedules for their new babies. 

Getting a solid sleep schedule down for your baby can be incredibly challenging. But don’t give up! As you continue to make these changes, you should eventually see progress. Looking for new, soft bamboo baby pajamas? Check out Lark Adventurewear’s full Dream Big Collection now!
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