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Importance of Layering + Sleep: Featuring Melissa Brown, Founder of Sleep Shop

Importance of Layering + Sleep: Featuring Melissa Brown, Founder of Sleep Shop - Wear Lark

Melissa Brown of Sleep Shop discusses the importance of layering and creating an optimal sleep environment for your baby.

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When it comes to dressing your little one, what do you recommend? 

A baby’s temperature when they sleep can make a significant difference! When babies are too hot or too cold their body works too hard trying to regulate their temperature so what they wear is VERY important to sleep and can make a HUGE difference in how many times a baby wakes a night! I would recommend jammies and sleep sack or a swaddle for babies 3 months and under. If you are finding that you baby is too warm I would try for lighter pajamas (like Lark Adventurewear breathable bamboo footies or rompers) and if too cold having them wear a warmer sleep sack. It it is also important to regulate the temperature of the room. I literally spend more of pajamas than any other clothing for me kids because it makes such a difference! 

What is the ideal room temperature for a baby/toddler to sleep in?

It is between 68-72 degrees. If their nose and hands are cold- they are too cold. If their head is warm or sweaty they are too hot! Again it is so important to find the right temperature for your little one!

What kind of bedding should you put in your little one's crib?

Breathable materials and bedding that does not get too warm. Bamboo or cotton muslin are great options, but I find that all babies/adults have different preferences when it comes to texture.  You want something soft! There are so many different options but I recommend comfort and safety!

Do you have any other helpful sleeping tips for babes?

There are so many! And they vary based on the baby age. I would say be CONSISTENT around nap and bedtime- your little one will know what to expect and more likely fall into a good sleep routine. Have good sleep hygiene in the house, a good sleep environment, a sound machine, a dark room and a room with a temp around 68-72 degrees. For little babies I recommend full meals and ideal wake times. Babies that are hungry and overtired have a MUCH harder time sleeping on their own and putting themselves back to sleep when they wake up.

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