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How to Organize your Kid’s Clothes Like a Pro

How to Organize your Kid’s Clothes Like a Pro - Wear Lark
We loving finding new ways to stay organized and let's be honest, sane when it comes to managing our kiddos belongings. That's why we're so excited to have teamed up with Laura Ellis of, Organized by Ellisa CPO® (Certified Professional Organizer) based in Los Angeles. Laura is here today to provide us easy to manage organization tips! 
Kids change sizes so quickly. One day theyre sporting the cutest outfit ever and the next day you turn around, theyre in a new size. Keeping on top of changing sizes, worn-out clothes and hand me downs will help you keep your kids closets organizedand help you keep your sanity.
Here are our best tips for how to organize your kids clothes:
Set up a donation station
Keep a donation bag in the laundry room and when you come across a piece of clothing that no longer fits, toss it in the bag. If clothes are ripped or stained beyond repair, its time to let them go. Some charities will recycle clothing too check your local donation place.
Closet clear-out
To get on top of clothing clutter, do a tidy sweep of the closet and dresser and start with a clean slate. If clothing is too small, donate it or give it to a friend who can use it. If youre giving hand me downs, make sure your friends really want them. If they dont, there are plenty of places to donate. In LA we love Baby 2 Baby.
 Organize the clothes you decide to keep
When folding clothes, file fold. Its just as easy to file fold clothing as it is toregular fold.If youre not familiar, its the style that Marie Kondo has made famous. When tiny tees and onesies are file folded, its easier to see them and to grab them when youre getting your little ones dressed.
Keep sets together
When you do laundry, match the sets tops and bottoms and create outfits. File fold or hang them together so you dont have to dig through the drawer to find the top and then dig through again to find the bottoms.
Create a costume formation station
For certain ages, costumes can be a part of everyday dressing. But the weird shapes and sizes can quickly get unruly. Create a place for costumes that makes them easy to pull out, use, and easily put away. Use bins for accessories and hang dresses, suits, and capes on hangers and use hooks for wings. Find a place for everything and keep it an accessible height. Nothing is more fun than a dress-up playdate!
Always be pruning
Every chance you get, remove clothes, shoes, and accessories that no longer fit. By constantly sorting, you will stay on top of the mountain of clothes and the project will be manageable. Because the truth is, every birthday and holiday more clothes and toys come your way. If youre always pruning there will be room for the new and your kid’s closets will stay neat + tidy.

Now that youve organized your kid’s clothes youll want to do some finishing touches to make sure it stays organized. Labels on containers, drawers, and bins help the kids (and helpers) know where to put things away. Before reading ages, create labels with pictures + words. Kids will recognize the pictures and see whats stored in the bin. As they learn to read, the labels will become clear.


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