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Have Baby Will Travel| Tips for Traveling with Babies and Toddlers

Have Baby Will Travel| Tips for Traveling with Babies and Toddlers - Wear Lark

Have Baby Will Travel

Are you as enthused as we are for some fun Summer weekend trips out of town, or a much anticipated summer vacation? We thought so! Packing for yourself can be daunting enough…but what about when you have to figure out what to bring for your little one too?

Here are some of our favorite items out there for traveling with your baby. Whether you try them out, or just use them as a source of inspiration, we hope to make the task of packing a more exciting one!

Toddler and Baby Travel Tips

  1. Lark Adventurewear – functional and stylish infant activewear that keep babies sweat-free and comfortable from day to night. Special natural, moisture-wicking fabric pulls sweat away from the skin, so you and your baby can spend more time loving your vacation excursions!
  2. Gathre Medium All Purpose Mat - compact, waterproof, wipeable, non-toxic, luxurious – all around awesome item to have on hand –whether it’s the beach, park, under the dining room table…anywhere really.
  3. ThinkSport Sunscreen for Kids– safe for both babies and big kids, this sunscreen is zinc-oxide based and doesn’t contain any nanoparticles. Also, highly rated by the EWG.
  4. i play. baby swimwear – amazing all-in-one reusable diaper and swim suit for your little adventurer- no swim diapers needed! Save money, not to mention the environment.
  5. George Hats – super cute, handmade hats that will keep baby safe from the sun and elements…and all the while, staying stylish!
  6. Under the Nile Scrappy Stroller Toy – adorable, organic stroller toys that are small enough for baby’s hands to grip…and for you to pack!
  7. Matimati bandana bibs – drooling babies this one’s for you: an absorbent, fashionable alternative to the usual bibs and so easy to fit a few in the suitcase – we also love that they donate a percentage of each purchase to Chain Reaction, a non-profit that is dedicated to fighting human trafficking.
  8. Dapple Hands & Face on the Go Wipes – a must for the travel bag, self-explanatory!
  9. Lassig Nursing Loop –for moms’ who want to discreetly breast-feed their babies, then doubles as an infinity scarf. Quite clever! Check out their cool diaper bags too.
  10. GoodBaby International Pockit Stroller – insanely light and portable yet sturdy stroller – so ideal for trips both near and far we had to add it to our list!
  11. Wildbird Sling – a beautiful, linen baby carrier that keep baby cool due to terrific moisture absorbency.
  12. Lillebaby Carrier – highly rated as an excellent and very comfortable baby/toddler carrier.
  13. Lotus Travel Crib/Portable Baby Playard by Guava Family – if you are heading somewhere that requires you to bring a crib, consider this lightweight option that also doubles as a playard!

Let us know if you have a travel must-have item or tip! In the meantime, safe travels, wherever you may go!


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