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Gender Neutral 101: Why Kids Shouldn’t Be Restricted by Gender Norms

Gender Neutral 101: Why Kids Shouldn’t Be Restricted by Gender Norms - Wear Lark

“Pink is for girls while blue is for boys.” 

For years, that was the prevailing opinion. But is it really necessary to assign gender roles to something as arbitrary as color? Should we even be assigning gender roles to any part of the human experience, for that matter? When we only expose our children to certain colors or items that are considered societally okay for either 'boys" or for "girls" we are conditioning them to think of themselves with a certain role in society.

Rather than limiting our children, we should help them thrive and open every door their little imaginations could ever dream up. From letting them choose the color of their bamboo baby clothes to allowing them to try whatever activities they want, no matter the preconceived gender norms associated with them, we can help open our children up to a world filled with endless possibilities. 

Have you checked out Lark Adventurewear? We make premium bamboo essentials for kids 0-8 years from our special Softek™ fabric. Super-Soft, Breathable and Stain Resistant.

Benefits of Buying Gender Neutral Clothing for Kids

two kids exploring a creek in pink and purple bamboo clothesLet your kids explore the great big world around them without being constrained by gender norms. 

Not only is purchasing gender neutral clothing for your kids great for letting them explore their creativity, but it is also better for the environment. Being able to keep hand-me-downs for younger children or swapping clothes with other mothers is much more sustainable than having to purchase completely new clothes. It also helps you save a lot of money in the long run. 

Removing stereotypical views on gender from fashion can also help your child explore their creative side while letting their true personality shine. Instead of sending the subliminal message that your children are limited by their genders, you can let them explore and interpret the world for themselves. 

Where to Buy Fun and Eco-Friendly Gender Neutral Clothing

child wearing blue shirtGender neutral clothing for children is rising in popularity. Retailers like H&M and Zara have already launched gender neutral clothing lines for adults.  

Adult fashion outlets like H&M and Zara have already begun to roll out gender neutral clothing lines. But there is still a need for gender neutral baby and kid’s clothing. If you are a parent looking for soft, eco-friendly clothing for your little ones, check out Lark Adventurewear

We offer cozy and sustainable clothing for children aged 0 to 6-years-old. Made from our signature bamboo French Terry blend, our clothes offer the perfect blend of comfort and breathability for your little ones. All of our fabrics are Oeko-Tex 100 standard certified, which means that they have been tested and certified to be free of 300+ chemicals and known irritants. Whether your little one is out exploring by the creek or taking a quick nap, they will enjoy the utmost in comfort in their soft bamboo essentials. 

A Message From the Founder of Lark Adventurewear

pallavi holding two childrenMy desire to see my children grow up unconstrained by gender norms inspired me to start my own children’s clothing line.

As a founder who started a career in Wall Street — only to create a children's clothing line way down the line — I strongly believe that we need to create a world full of infinite possibilities for our children. Not one confined by their gender or socially-constructed traditions. And that starts with the small things, like the toys they play with and the clothes they wear. 

At Lark, we have worked hard to make our clothing gender neutral so your little ones have plenty of options to choose from. We want to break down societal barriers to clothing by providing color palettes and prints that appeal to all kids. And gender neutral clothes can be difficult to find. We wanted to commit to styles, designs, and patterns that ALL little ones can wear.

If your little girl loves teal because it reminds her of the scales of a fish, let her throw that blue top on! If your son’s favorite color is pink because it reminds him of all the pretty flowers that you planted in the front yard, he should wear it with a big smile on his face.

Lark Adventurewear was founded so that boys and girls alike can get as creative as they want when putting their outfits together. Children should be able to express themselves through their clothes as much as possible. We want our children to act and dress like the adventurous humans they are — “boys” and “girls” labeling aside.

We also want your little ones to feel good in the clothes that they wear. As your babies turn into little explorers, they begin to decide what they like and don’t like — one of those choices being what they want to wear for the day. Getting dressed in the morning is fun and exciting, and we want them to look forward to this process by giving them clothes they love!

Because we are the first and only baby activewear apparel brand on the market, we believe in quality over quantity. Lark Adventurewear is functional, fashionable, environmentally friendly, and completely safe for your little one’s sensitive skin. Plus it’s super, buttery soft! Our littles love wearing Lark, and so will you.

Final Thoughts

Looking for some new bamboo baby clothes to add to your child’s winter collection? Lark Adventurewear offers a wide assortment of soft bamboo essentials perfect for keeping your little one cozy and stylish throughout these chilly months. Shop our collection now!
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