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Fussy Sleeper? Check Out These Tips & Brands for Better Sleep

Fussy Sleeper? Check Out These Tips & Brands for Better Sleep - Wear Lark
Did you know that newborns need to establish new sleep cycles after birth? After spending 9 months inside a dark and cozy womb, they need to adjust to a new world. But during this adjustment period, their sleep patterns may appear random or inconsistent. Waking up multiple times throughout the night, sleeping during the day, and general fussiness can all occur. 

If you’re having trouble putting your fussy baby to sleep, you’ve come to the right place. From dressing your little one in the softest baby pajamas ever to giving them a little massage, there are a number of easy tips and tricks you can use to put them to sleep. Check them out now! 

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Why is My Baby Such a Restless Sleeper?

Young Mother Lulling Her Sleeping Baby at HomeThere are a number of possible reasons why your child has trouble sleeping. 

During their early days of life, your newborn will spend around 70% of their time sleeping. But because they do not have an established sleep cycle, they will often sleep in random bursts. As a result, putting your baby to sleep might not be as easy as you expect. Some common sleep issues that newborns may face include:

  • Having trouble falling asleep from being in a noisy or distracting environment
  • Frequently waking up during the night
  • Getting fussy from the room temperature, surrounding noise, or other distractions

Fussy sleeping can also be caused by developmental milestones like teething, changes in routine, and illness. The occasional sleep disruption shouldn’t alarm you. However, persistent sleep issues could be indicative of a serious issue. If you are worried about your child’s health, you should contact their pediatrician. 

Should I Be Worried About My Baby’s Sleeping Patterns?

two babies in lark adventurewear pajamasExtreme fussiness is sometimes indicative of a serious medical condition like colic or reflux. 

Whether you are a first-time parent or seasoned caregiver, you might find yourself wondering if your child’s sleeping patterns are normal. When they are younger, your child will exhibit erratic sleeping patterns. As you help them settle into a routine, you will have an easier time putting them to bed. Still, it can be helpful to educate yourself on what to expect during your child’s first year of life. 

Regular Sleeping Patterns by Age

  • 0 Weeks to 3 Months: To be honest, your newborn isn’t going to exhibit regular sleeping patterns during the first couple of months. They need plenty of sleep. But these naps will come in short bursts. This is partially because they need to be fed so often. 
  • 4 Months to 6 Months: At 4 months, your baby will start sleeping for 5 to 6 hour stretches. During this time, you can start sleep training them. When putting them to bed, make sure their surroundings are calm and quiet.
  • 12 Months: When your little one reaches 12 months, they should only need one to two naps a day. But developmental milestones or illness can disrupt their sleep. 

When Fussy Sleeping Indicates a Serious Health Issue

Fussiness can sometimes indicate illness in your little one. If your child cries or becomes fussy for hours on end, they might be colicky. Fussiness is also a sign of reflux. If you notice that your child has started to develop sleep patterns despite having no sleep troubles in the past and is exhibiting other signs of sickness, you should consult their pediatrician. 

How Can I Put My Fussy Sleeper to Bed?

two babies on a bed wearing lark adventurewearWhether you’re dealing with a fussy newborn or a toddler who insists they aren’t tired, these tips and tricks can help you successfully put your little ones to bed. 

Need help putting your baby to sleep? We have you covered. Check out our top 10 tips for successfully putting your little one to bed now! 

10 Tips for Putting Your Little One to Bed

  1. Move your baby around to lull them to sleep by rocking them, placing them in a baby swing, or even taking a short drive around the neighborhood
  2. Dress your baby in soft, breathable bamboo baby essentials designed for their comfort in mind 
  3. Turn on a white noise machine to play soothing music or sounds from nature like the ocean or rainfall
  4. Give them a pacifier to help soothe them
  5. Stroke their back and give them a little massage
  6. Adjust the room temperature if it’s too warm or too cold
  7. Give them shorter nap times during the day to help them sleep at night
  8. Bring your baby outside to help reset their internal clock
  9. Feed your little one a couple of hours before putting them to bed
  10. Burp your baby and help them relieve gas from their belly

5 Products That Will Help You Put Your Little One to Sleep

happy family in matching lark adventurewear pjsStay cozy this winter in soft Lark Adventurewear bamboo essentials! 

1. Weighted Sack & Swaddle by Dreamland Baby

baby swaddled in weighted blanket

Does your baby get fussy at night? Swaddle them with a weighted sack. Made by Dreamland Baby, this soft swaddle offers deep-pressure stimulation to help relax your baby. Babies aged 0-6 months can feel secure and comfortable in this cozy sack. 

2. Rest Sound Machine by Hatch

rest sound machine

Designed for your little one in mind, the Rest noise machine and app offers soothing music and lights to help them fall asleep. You can choose a variety of different colors and sounds to help your little one fall asleep too. 

3. Baby Balm by Pipette

Does your baby suffer from dry, sensitive skin? Lather them up in nourishing baby balm by Pipette. Made with plant-derived ingredients, this popular lotion can soothe even the most sensitive skin. 

4. Bamboo Essentials by Lark Adventurewear

colorful collection of holiday pajamas by lark adventurwear

Keep your baby comfy and stylish with our holiday pajama collection. Our Softek™ bamboo footies and pajama sets offer the ultimate experience in breathability and comfort. These soft jammies will keep your little one cozy throughout the entire night. 

5. Soft Crib Sheets by Lark Adventurewear

package continuing dark blue bamboo crib shit

Scratchy crib sheets can make it tough to fall asleep. Our Softek™ bamboo sheets can help lull your little one to bed and get a great nights rest. Because of its temperature-regulating material, you can rest assured that your little one won’t get too hot or too cold during the night. 

Sleep. It’s something that we don’t truly appreciate the value of until we are adults and have almost no time for it. But we can at least make sure our babies get the rest they need in order to grow into healthy adults. And while your little ones might not enjoy their mandatory naps and bedtimes, they will be much happier and healthier in the long run. 

Are you on the hunt for the softest baby pajamas around to dress your little one in this winter? Shop the new Family Holiday collection at Lark Adventurewear. Soft, breathable bamboo baby essentials designed to keep your baby warm and cozy await you!
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