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Easter Basket Ideas from Small Businesses Delivered Right to Your Door!

Easter Basket Ideas from Small Businesses Delivered Right to Your Door! - Wear Lark
If you're like us your Easter Basket prep work was easily forgotten about as we've been busy ordering and organizing our must-have items to have on hand. Knowing that we're not alone in this mission, we wanted to share some fun and exciting items that we're filling our baskets with this year. All items are available for delivery, so it's not too late for that Easter Bunny checklist. 
These wooden toys are designed for modern parents and kids. They encourage open-ended play and imagination. All with a lifetime guarantee! 
The great big designs are perfect for little hands. Compatible with crayons or markers, your little artist can really shine. 
There will be a different dress code for Easter this year, that's for sure! So we know we're making ours a comfortable one with our exclusive Softek™ fabric styles. After all, you know your kiddos have to be ready to run to find the most Easter eggs. 
We love that these children's books come with a stuffed animal of the character in the book. And as if that wasn't cute enough, 100% of the profits go to animal shelters and they're true stories! 
Created by experts, this cooking club for kids means that culinary fun is delivered to your door each month. We love that it helps to nurture kid's confidence in the kitchen and beyond. 
This Pittsburgh legend has been around since the 1950s. We look forward to their seasonal assortments each year, and their Easter one is one of the best. You're sure to please any sweet tooth with an order from them. 
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