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Early Spring Activities for Toddlers

Early Spring Activities for Toddlers - Wear Lark

Spring has sprung! And though the weather may still be chilly for many of us, we are thinking about all the fun activities our little ones can experience in early spring! Here are some easy and fun springtime ideas and activities from around the web (for indoors and outdoors) to do with your kids.

Playdough - Springtime Edition!

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Make this natural, herbal play dough with your toddler! It smells so fresh and yummy - just like wonderful spring! There is so much your tot can do with play dough. From making patterns and discovering different textures using natural items found from a walk in your neighborhood or in the park to just rolling and kneading...and mushing! Take a look at Danya Banya's Nature Stampers for some more ideas like the one below!


Spring Themed Sensory Bin

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Sensory bins equate to HOURS of fun and exploration for your kiddos, and are so satisfying to put together. Use a plastic bin that you already have, and follow these directions to create an amazing spring themed activity that inspires the imagination!

Puddle Painting! 

What can you do on a rainy day when you just need to get the child out of the house? Grab your raincoats, throw on your boots, take a broom (aka "giant paintbrush") and chalk and head for the nearest puddle! Your little artist can make the most gorgeous and inspirational paintings...right outside your front door. Check out Lasso the Moon's terrific post to learn more! And...if all else fails, have some quality time jumping in puddles together!

DIY Bird Feeders!

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Nothing says spring like welcoming back the beautiful birds we miss all winter. Toddlers love to observe birds, and what better way to do so than to make their own bird feeder. Here is a great list of 14 DIY bird feeders especially for kids! The ones in the image above are made with paint cans.

Sowing the Seeds!

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Take a walk around your neighborhood, go on a hike or a nature walk with your toddler and collect seeds. This is a great way for your child to learn about nature while having a grand old time in the process! One Time Through has a terrific post with great ideas and info about seed collecting and planting.

Here Comes the Sun!

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Make easy sun catchers together and celebrate as the sun comes shining in! Here are fantastic and simple instructions to put together these beauties from Minne-Mama!

5 Minute Nature Painting

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Left Brain Craft Brain has a brilliant and super creative way to combine nature with painting. Your kids will absolutely love it, and we recommend that all adults try this as well!

Bubble, bubble!

Do you remember chasing bubbles as a little kid, and just the pure delight of watching a bubble float up, up, up into the sky? Whip up some bubbles using one of these 7 homemade super-duper bubble recipes, and watch your little adventurer's eyes light up! 

We truly hope you have a blast with your kids this spring...whether you are outdoors on a gorgeous day or indoors on a cozy, rainy one...cherish every beautiful moment together.

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