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Can my Infant Sleep with a Blanket? Answers to Your 4 Biggest Sleep Safety Questions

Can my Infant Sleep with a Blanket? Answers to Your 4 Biggest Sleep Safety Questions - Wear Lark

It is alarming that over 3,500 babies die suddenly every year while they are sleeping due to (SIDS). It can be terrifying to hear that, and you might be wondering, “is there any way to solve this?” Yes, there is. Ensuring that you are putting your little one to sleep safely is extremely important as a new parent. It can get confusing to understand what is right and wrong, which I experienced first hand. From questioning what kind of footies your kiddo should be sleeping in to what position they should be laying in, I’ve answered these questions for you. 

4 Burning Questions About Safe Infant Sleep, Answered

  1. Should my little one wear footies to sleep?

children on a bedKeep your little one safe and cozy with our crowd-pleasing footies. 

For the first few years of your Little Larks life, they sleep for half of the day. Sleeping this much means it’s important to make sure they are comfortable while they are snoozing. When your newborn grows into infants and becomes more mobile, they often roll over to both sides while sleeping. Do not use swaddles when your kiddo is old enough to roll over because it increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. As a more suitable option, dress your baby in a wearable blanket or comfortable footies. 

While these products come in various materials, I recommend eco-friendly bamboo and cotton blend. Our exclusive Softek™ fabric keeps your Little Lark cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. There are also bottom-to-top zippers making your late-night diaper changes a breeze. The close-to-body fit of our footies makes them safe if there is an unexpected fire in your home. 

  1. When can my baby sleep with a blanket?

Baby boy in Lark Adventurewear footies on the softest bamboo crib sheetKeep your little ones safe by keeping their crib clear of any blankets until they are about 12 months old.

When you check on your little one through a baby monitor while they are fast asleep, you might feel that they would be much more comfortable with a blanket in their crib. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that parents keep soft objects and loose bedding out of their baby’s sleeping area until they are about 12 months old. Once your Little Lark is 12 months old, and you are ready to add a blanket into their sleeping space, there are still a few things to consider. 

More oversized blankets can become strangulation and suffocation hazards, so consider choosing a smaller blanket even after your child turns one year old. The blanket’s fabric should be made from a breathable fabric like muslin, unlike a thick and quilted blanket. If you are thinking about using a weighted blanket with your kiddo when there are sensory concerns, wait until they are an older child because these are not safe to use with infants. Even while your child gets older, still think about the risks their blankets may have. For example, long strings or ribbons can easily wrap around their neck at night. Our Softest Crib Sheets will ensure your Little Lark gets a better night’s sleep compared to scratchy crib sheets. They are super soft, breathable, and amazing for sensitive or eczema-prone skin.

  1. Should the crib’s surface be soft or firm?

baby in cribKeep your kiddo safe in a crib with a firm mattress. 

For the short answer, the crib’s surface should be firm. The mattress should be firm with a tightly fitted sheet on top, explicitly designed with infants in mind. When you try to figure out which mattress is firm enough for your little one, there should be no indents when the kiddo is laying in it. To reduce the risk of suffocation further, make sure your little one is sleeping on their back, if they naturally flip over while sleeping, there’s no need to adjust them. But starting off with baby sleeping on their back will help them stay safe.

  1. How can I be sure my infant is sleeping comfortably?

baby in sleep sackKeep your kiddo safe by making sure they sleep on their back.

Sleep sacks are a great way to keep your baby comfortable and at the perfect temperature all night long. If you have a real fidgeter on your hands, it can be challenging to keep a duvet on them for the entire night. The beauty of a sleep sack is that no matter what position your Little Lark manages to get into, their sleep sack will keep them cozy. You can change up your sleep sack when the seasons change to confirm your Little Lark is sleeping at the correct temperature. Most sleep sacks come with a top guide to navigate you through what your kiddo should be wearing during different climates. 

Another benefit of sleep sacks is the reduction of SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome. Bedding and blankets are a huge factor in SIDS, but sleep sacks can be the solution. When your kiddo is in a sleep sack, they are free to move around safely without the risk of suffocation. There is a common fear when it comes to infants sleeping on their sides, but sleep sacks will rule out the possibility of blankets or bedding wrapping around your little one if they naturally turn on their side.

Wrap your Little Lark in their coziest footies, provide them with firm bedding, and make sure they are sleeping on their backs to keep them safe for each night and every nap. It can be stressful to leave your baby to rest, and you may be watching the baby monitor at all times, but these tips are ways to reduce the risk of suffocation for your little one. Since they are sleeping for most of their life at this point, make sure they are comfortable in our Ultimate Zip Footies designed to make the parent’s and kiddo’s lives easier. Each piece is made with our temperature regulating Softek™ fabric that is super soft, breathable, and stain-resistant. Shop our collection today

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