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By Moms, for Moms: 7 Mom-Owned Brands You Need to Know About

By Moms, for Moms: 7 Mom-Owned Brands You Need to Know About - Wear Lark

As a mom, I know how hectic days with the kids can get. Add the task of running my own business, and the days almost feel impossible. But my love for my children and my business help make it all possible and worth the hustle. And I know I’m not the only one who deals with such a busy lifestyle. One in three women-owned businesses is actually owned by a mom! Because they understand the struggles and joys of parenthood, they can successfully cater to other mothers and their unique needs. 

From soft toddler pajamas to much-needed self-care products, mom-owned businesses are killing the game. Check out my list of top 7 mom-owned businesses to check out now!

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6 Mom-Owned Businesses That Will Change Your Life

All of the businesses featured below were started by moms who saw an unmet need in their respective industries. For many of them, a combination of maternal experience and business savviness helped launch a business that continues to succeed to this day. 

1. Mommy Sauce

colorful collection of mommy sauce productsKimchi sauce, magic sauce, and more are available and ready to season up your dishes. Image courtesy of Mommy Sauce. 

What started as a passion for cooking quickly turned into a lucrative business idea when Jai Nam Choi’s son encouraged her to share her talent with the world. 

Mommy Sauce, Choi’s growing e-commerce business, offers authentic and delicious Korean sauces designed to give your food a real kick! Her signature Kimchee and Bulgogi sauces are perfect for topping some chicken stew or tofu. Many of Choi’s recipes are inspired by her experience growing up in Korea. After meeting her husband in the U.S., she also learned how to incorporate his family’s style of cooking into her own. Now, we all the chance to experiment with our own dishes using her famous Korean sauces.

2. Modi Toys

young girl surrounding by plush modi toysModi Toys are mantra-singing plush toys inspired by the founder’s Indian roots. Image courtesy of Modi Toys. 

Some businesses are born out of the desire to disrupt the current market. Others are built to fulfill an unmet need. Modi Toys came to fulfill both goals after founder Avani Modi saw her brother at a loss over finding a suitable plush toy for his daughter. 

At the time, there were no plush toys available that were both fun and cultural. And so, the idea for Modi Toys was born. This popular Mom-owned business features adorable plush toys designed to spark curiosity about one’s Indian roots. 

3. NapiNol Nursery Therapies

orange packages of napinol baby skin creamNapiNol offers all-natural cream for babies with sensitive skin. Image courtesy of NapiNol Nursery Therapies.

In 2011, Anshal Purohit founded NapiNol Nursery Therapies after she saw the limited number of completely safe and natural products available for children with sensitive skin. As the mother of a premature baby with highly sensitive skin, Purohit knew how crucial such a product was for taking care of her son. So she set out to build NapiNol Nursery Therapies, a skincare company dedicated to building all-natural products grounded in science. From the Boo Boos Be Gone™ balm to the Beyond Balm ointment, all of NapiNol’s products are 100% natural. 

4. NewME

group of black entreprenuersNewME has been featured on major media outlets such as Forbes, Bloomberg, and CNN Money. Image courtesy of Instagram. 

If you’re looking to start a business yourself, going through a boot camp or entrepreneurship training program can be extremely helpful. NewME, which was founded by single mom Angela Benton, offers a one-week accelerator program for underrepresented founders. 

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world will teach attendees how to successfully, pitch, market, and sell their ideas. The program also covers information on the legal, sales, marketing, and investment aspects of starting a business. Since its start in 2011, NewME has helped founders gain over $47 million in funding. 

5. Kinspace

man hugging pregnant womanBoth expecting and current parents can enjoy Kinspace’s extensive online parenting community.

Founded by mom Sarah Liyanage Denney, Kinspace is an online parenting village where visitors can access all of the help and resources they need to successfully raise their little one. Whether you are expecting a baby or you have already welcomed one to the world, Kinspace offers insightful and informative advice for parents like you. 

6. The Detox Market

two brown bottles of skin creamThe December box offers a rejuvenating skin treatment for the harsh winter months. Image courtesy of The Detox Market. 

When her son was just 15 months old, Bita Doagoo opened The Detox Market. At one point, she started to bring him into work with her! But since its start, The Detox Market has enjoyed a top reputation for its high-quality beauty and wellness products. 

If you’re in need of some pampering, you’ll love all of the spa and self-care products The Detox Market has to offer. From aromatherapy products to moisturizers, The Detox Market provides everything you need to help you unwind after a long day. In addition to its a la carte offering, The Detox Market also features a monthly detox box. December’s products included Radiance Face Serum and Nourish Face Cream. 

7. Lark Adventurewear

two toddlers in colorful lark adventurewear pajamasLark Adventurewear specializes in soft bamboo essentials for the little ones. 

When it comes to shopping for our little ones, we need to keep their comfort as our top priority. As a mother myself, I loved watching my child explore the world and play outside. However, I noticed that he quickly become overheated. After searching high and low for safe and breathable activewear, I finally decided to build my own collection. That’s the short version of how Lark Adventurewear was born.

Since then, I’ve successfully designed and developed soft bamboo essentials for newborns, toddlers, and young children. Make with exclusive Softek™ bamboo blend, Lark Adventurewear essentials will keep your little one cool and comfortable while they walk, play, and sleep. Easy open snaps and reverse zippers are also featured for easy dressing. If your little one is a fashionista, they’ll love all of the soft toddler pajamas in our collection. 

As parents, we want our children to be happy and comfortable. Bundling them up in soft bamboo essentials is more important than ever as we head into the coldest months of the year. Lark Adventurewear offers a wide selection of soft toddler pajamas and other bamboo essentials for keeping your little one both warm and stylish. Shop our holiday collection now!
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