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Babywearing Basics: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Baby Comfortable in a Carrier

Babywearing Basics: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Baby Comfortable in a Carrier - Wear Lark

There are various products to keep your little one safe and sound while you are out and about. “Wearing” your kiddo can not only keep your Little Lark safe, but it will also help in enhancing their mood. Take a look at these six tips I’ve found that show the benefits of using baby carriers and how to make sure your little one is comfortable. Dress your Little Lark in their best toddler activewear, wrap them up to stay cozy, and learn how you can go out and explore safely with your kiddo! 

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The Benefits of Babywearing

Holding Your Baby Close has Plenty of Hidden Benefits

woman holding baby in carrierIn general, using the babywearing technique is exceptionally beneficial for your Little Lark. It is a great practice to make sure your kiddo is happy and builds a strong bond between you and them. Research shows that kiddos who were worn by their parents cry less, which gives your little one more time to interact and engage with their environment. Keeping your Little Lark close to you allows you to respond to their cues and touch them more, resulting in a better connection with your child. Best of all, babywearing helps keep your little one safe and your hands free: a total game-changer for busy moms.

6 Tips for Keeping Your Kiddo Cozy in Their Baby Carrier

   1. Dress Your Little One in Toddler Activewear

three toddlers standing outsideMake sure your Little Lark is dressed comfortably before putting them into the baby carrier.

There is nothing better than a fresh set of joggers and a hoodie to keep your Little Lark cozy in their baby carrier. A comfortable hoodie designed with our newest bamboo French Terry blend is perfect for layering on top of a long-sleeve while you are exploring outside on a chilly day. Our toddler activewear is designed to protect delicate skin from the heat, sun, and sweat with UPF 50+ and exclusive bamboo wicks-moisture fabric. Our ultimate goal is to create clothing devoted to keeping your little ones cool, protected, and happy. We make our activewear so parents and their kiddos can stay active and continue adventuring. A baby carrier can only be as comfortable as your Little Lark’s outfit.

   2. Practice Without your little one First

After purchasing your brand new baby carrier, try it without the precious cargo. If you get confused on how to work your carrier, there won’t be any tragic accidents if you test it out before using it with your Little Lark. To see what it would feel like with the weight of a child, add a bag of flour, doll, or stuffed animals to mimic the weight of a baby. You’ll need to master putting on and taking off the carrier and also buckling and unbuckling your kiddo. 

The hardest part will be figuring out how to do this all with one hand. If you are a single parent or you like to adventure alone with your Little Lark, you might want to practice using the baby carrier all on your own, so you get used to this scenario. Once you can take it on and off on your own, try wearing it throughout the day before using it with your kiddo. When you’ve found a comfortable carrier that you can handle, it’s time for the real deal — putting your Little Lark into the carrier.

   3. Take Safety Precautions

As I mentioned before, using a baby carrier can keep your little one happy. It enhances your connection, assists with breastfeeding, reduces crying, and promotes health. There is recent evidence that has found incredible benefits of skin-to-skin contact with your Little Lark. Using a carrier explicitly designed for skin-to-skin connection may help regulate your kiddo’s heartbeat, temperature, and breathing patterns. To make sure you are getting all of the benefits of a carrier, you have to make sure you and your little one are both safe. To do so, familiarize yourself with T.I.C.K.S.: 

T — Tight. To protect against falls, your Little Lark should be upright and tight enough in a carrier that they are held safely. 

I — In view at all times. Your little one’s face should be visible to you at all times so you can monitor their breathing. 

C — Close enough to kiss. Ensuring they are high enough to reach down and kiss them will ensure they are positioned correctly. 

K — Keep chin off chest. Make sure there is a gap of around two fingers wide under their chin — which will make it less likely for their chin to drop. 

S — Supported back. While you want your kiddo to be safe, resist the urge to over-tighten the carrier over their back. It should be loose enough that you can slip your hand into the back of the carrier.

   4. Support Your Little Lark’s Neck, Head, and Airways

When your little one is still too young to keep their head up independently, the carrier should properly support their head and neck. Do not use a front carry facing out position until your kiddo can hold their head up on their own, which happens around the four-month mark. When making sure your Little Lark is safe and comfortable, use extra caution when carrying young ones with colds or respiratory problems. To be sure their airways are not obstructed by your body or the carrier’s fabric, position your kiddo’s head to one side with their cheek resting against your chest to help avoid airway issues.

   5. Test Out Different Styles if Your Kiddo Isn’t Happy

baby in a baby carrierImage courtesy of NetDoctor.

If you tried out a particular baby carrier and your Little Lark was extremely unhappy, that does not mean baby carrying is not for them. Kiddos usually don’t like most things right away — trust me, I understand that first hand. It can take time for them to get used to and get the hang of the carrier. If you have tried it out a few times and your little one still does not seem very happy, try out a new carrier style. Some of the most popular carriers include:

Baby carriers are not just a trend that will come and go — it is highly beneficial for your little one’s health. It can regulate their body systems and build a stronger connection between the two of you. Before you decide on a suitable carrier, make sure your kiddo is comfortable in their toddler activewear. Lark Adventurewear is designed with premium bamboo and cotton clothing to provide natural, UPF 50+ sun protection that is breathable and perfect for helping Little Larks stay cool in warm weather. Shop our collections today! 

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