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Baby It’s Cold Outside: Winter Tips and Ideas

Baby It’s Cold Outside: Winter Tips and Ideas - Wear Lark
Here are some quick tips for dressing your baby or toddler for the cold, along with some of our favorite cold weather activities.

  1. As a general rule of thumb, dress your baby as you would dress yourself, and then add a layer.
  2. Start with a wicking first layer. Our onesie or bodysuit is a perfect option. It will help pull away moisture if the infant gets hot going from outside to inside. Our natural wicking fabric is cotton based and uses a special capillary thread that pulls moisture away from your kiddo’s skin. Sweaty babies no more!
  3. Add a warm layer such as a fleece sweatshirt and pants, then a coat. Be sure to keep checking to make sure your baby is warm enough, but not overheated. Ideally your baby should be dry and comfortable.
  4. Other essentials are a snug hat that covers the ears, and warm/waterproof mittens and socks/shoes or boots.
  5. Baby-wearing will keep you both cozy on a long winter walk. You should be able to tell how your baby is faring temperature-wise and then adjust accordingly.
  6. Don’t forget the sunscreen and sunglasses- the sun’s rays reflect off the snow.

Winter Tips and Ideas


Once you’re out and about, remember that in your little one’s eyes, everything is new and exciting—even the tiniest detail is a wonder. Take snow, for example. To your child, it’s amazing stuff. Hunt for animal prints and show them how to make their own footprints in the snow. Teach them how to build a snowperson—this also utilizes their fine motor skills! You might also carve a maze in your yard/driveway with a shovel that they can explore. Make snow angels together. Erect a snowfort. Search for pinecones. Get a little sled and pull them around for a bit. Delight in a walk in the invigorating air, discover what your baby is curious about, and go from there.

Have fun!

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