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8 Items to Check Off Your Fall Bucket List Before Winter

8 Items to Check Off Your Fall Bucket List Before Winter - Wear Lark

As our days shorten and the weather gets chillier, we only have a limited amount of time left before the gorgeous days of autumn finally pass us by. To make the most of these dwindling days, make sure you take your little one out for some fun fall activities! From pumpkin picking to backyard picnics, we have a full list of fall activities to try out with your child! So grab your child’s favorite fall bamboo baby clothes and get ready for an exciting day out. 

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8 Things You Can Do on a Fall Day with Your Baby

Stay Cool, Comfy, and Active with these Activities in Your Favorite Bamboo Baby Clothes

two babies in lark adventurewear pajamasDon’t spend all day inside! Remember to head outside and enjoy the fresh autumn breeze while you still can.

1. Collect leaves to create a stunning collage

Is your little one a budding artist? Start a fun fall craft project by having them find and gather leaves from your backyard. Your little one will find a variety of cool and interesting leaves to add to their collection. Gorgeous leaves of all shapes and colors will be easy to find around this time of year. 

While they are out searching for leaves, make sure you bring a bag along to help collect them. Once they are finished, they can start making a collage of all the leaves they found. We like to stick our leaves on a sheet of construction paper before covering it with clear contact paper to help preserve them. 

2. Build a BIG pile of leaves to jump in

If you need some extra help raking the leaves, get your little ones in on the fun! Start a competition where you can see who can build the biggest leaf pile. When you’re done, you can both jump into the winning pile! Just remember to push any stray leaves back into the pile after you’re finished. 

3. Go apple picking

two grandparents and child sitting in apple orchardTake a day trip to a nearby orchard for some apple picking! Your child can learn more about gardening and health through this fun and easy activity. 

Apple picking should be on everyone’s bucket lists. Not only is apple picking a great opportunity for bonding with your child and spending some quality time with nature, but it’s also beneficial for your mental health. In fact, being around trees and plants can actually help you feel calmer and happier. Once you gather all of your apples, you can look forward to baking an apple pie or making some apple sauce with your kid. 

4. Enjoy a leisurely stroll outside

Nowadays, people spend most of their time at home. Hundreds of workplaces and schools are still closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Due to rising cases, it’s more important than ever to avoid public places to help stop the spread of the virus. 

However, people can still get some fresh air by taking a walk around the neighborhood. Get your little one out of the house by going on a leisurely walk around the block or embarking on a short hike at a nearby park. Don’t forget to bring your camera to take some photos! 

5. Set up a backyard camp site

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Take your little one on a mini camping trip right in your backyard! Your toddler can help pitch a tent, set up sleeping bags, and even assemble a little picnic basket for lunch. Don’t forget to bring marshmallows, chocolate chips, and graham crackers to make s’mores! 

6. Visit a pumpkin patch and let your little one pick a pumpkin

Fall doesn’t feel quite like fall without visiting a pumpkin patch. Even though Halloween has long passed, that doesn’t mean you and your little one can’t make a quick trip to the pumpkin patch! The two of you can select your own pumpkins to take home and decorate. Once you finish carving your pumpkin, you can save the seeds for roasting. 

7. Roast some pumpkin seeds

woman holding handful of pumpkin seedsPumpkins seeds make a great snack. 

Roasting pumpkin seeds is actually pretty easy. You just need some olive oil, sea salt, and seasoning such as sugar or cinnamon. After extracting the seeds from the pumpkin, you’ll want to clean them of any pumpkin guts that are still clinging to them. Then, just toss them in some olive oil and seasonings before roasting them in the oven at 325 degrees for 5-15 minutes. 

8. Prepare for winter with some fun holiday decorations

Even though you might not be able to visit Santa Clause at the mall or attend a holiday bazaar, you can still be festive at home! Have your little one help you set up some fun holiday decorations around the house. For Thanksgiving, you can decorate your front porch with some handprint turkeys and pumpkins. When it gets closer to Christmas, the two of you can start decorating the house with lights and creating new tree ornaments. While you’re at it, don’t forget to bake some delicious treats for the rest of your family to enjoy! Try wearing our bamboo baby clothes while you’re baking. They’re stain-resistant, breathable, and perfectly comfortable for a day spent indoors.

These are just a few fun fall activities you can enjoy with your little one. Whether they are active and athletic or creative and imaginative, they will love doing these fall activities with their favorite person in the whole world. 

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