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7 Must-Haves When Traveling With Kids

7 Must-Haves When Traveling With Kids

Traveling can be hectic, but when you add kids to the mix, the level of chaos rises a notch or two (or three). Whether you’re traveling by boat, airplane, car, or train, traveling with kiddos can be a challenge. But with a few travel must-haves, you can make the experience as streamlined and headache-free as possible for both you and your kiddos. 

7 Things to Add to Your Packing List When Traveling With Children

Whether you’re gearing up for an adventure to the beach a few states away or to visit your relatives in another country, there are a couple of things you should add to your packing list. Traveling with kids can seem daunting, but with a few travel must-haves, you can make the process easier for both you and your kiddos. 


Keeping your kiddos entertained on a long flight or drive is a must. Bored kids may feel the urge to make their boredom everyone else’s problem or get a bit stir-crazy, so it’s important to check the entertainment box off your packing list and reduce

Bring portable entertainment options, like a tablet packed with your kid’s favorite movies, shows, games, and audiobooks. Don’t forget a car-compatible charger to keep things running smoothly when the tablet’s battery runs out! 

Or, if you’d prefer to limit screen time, consider bringing an MP3 player or device set up solely for listening to audiobooks or music. As with the tablet, remember to bring a charger for your device of choice!

Plenty of Snacks and Water

    Snacks are a must-have for hours-long road trips and flights. So, to avoid the hangriness that is sure to descend on your troupe at some point, pack plenty of travel-friendly snacks. Fruit snacks, crackers, pretzels, and trail mix are great for on-the-go munching. Healthy snacks, such as sliced fruit and veggies, are another great option.

    If you’ll be on the road through breakfast, lunch, or dinner, consider packing a quick and easy meal option. Sandwiches are perfect for travel (although you might end up with crumbs all over) and make for an easy lunch or dinner option. This way, you don’t have to stop at a restaurant or fast-food joint along the way. 

    In addition to snacks, remember to bring plenty of water. Refillable water bottles, like the Yeti Kids Water Botlle (it's dishwasher safe, a win-win), are perfect for this. Fill them up each potty or gas stop to make sure your kiddos stay hydrated. You could even pack some fun drinks, like juice boxes or electrolyte-packed sports drinks, to spice up the hydration scene. Of course, lots of drinks mean lots of potty stops, so that’s something to keep in mind (especially if you’re road-tripping). 

    Cozy Blanket and Pillow

    Naps are the perfect way to help the time pass by (for both kiddos and adults), especially on a long trip or overnight flight. But to achieve cozy napping perfection, you’ll need a warm blanket and pillow. If your kiddo has a comfort blankie, bring that along, but if not, any cozy blanket will do. 

    Travel blankets are perfect for plane travel, as they’re compact and fit in small bags. That said, if you’re traveling in your car, you might have a bit more space for a larger fuzzy blanket. 

    Don’t forget to bring a pillow, too, especially if your kiddo is in an upright car seat. You can find travel pillows made specifically for kids, whether they ride in a car seat or not. These pillows are designed to prevent your child’s head from falling as they sleep, ensuring they don’t wake up with a sore neck. 

    On-the-Go Activities and Toys

    After a while, your child might be ready to stop watching shows and movies, sending you back to square one of boredom. So, to ensure you’re prepared when that happens, pack some alternative activities and toys to keep them occupied. 

    Drawing pads, coloring books, travel-friendly puzzles, books (if your kiddo is old enough to read), card games, and toys can be entertaining options that work when movies and shows don’t. Remember to park these entertainment options in an easily accessible location so you don’t have to dig through piles of blankets and backpacks to find what you need. 

    You could even play interactive road trip games (if you’re on the road), like I Spy or the license plate game. These games are a great way to keep the whole family entertained while the miles whiz by. 

    Readily Available PJs

    If you’re taking an overnight flight or plan to be on the go late in the evening, pack a set of PJs for your kiddo. Choose a warm, comfortable option that they can sleep in, like our top-rated Ultimate Pajama Set or Convertible Footie

    These sets are made with our exclusive Softek™ fabric, which is perfectly soft and stretchy for sleeping comfort. It even wicks away moisture from your kiddo’s delicate skin, helping regulate temperature while they rest and recharge.  

    Pack the PJs in a bag where you can easily access them, like on the top of your luggage or in the center console. When bedtime rolls around, pull them out and help your child change into the PJs. Changing into pajamas can help let them know that it’s time to settle down and get some sleep.

    Cozy Clothes (Plus Extra Clothes)

    Long flights or road trips in constraining or itchy clothes are a nightmare, even for adults. So, set your kiddos up for cozy success with comfy clothes that move with them, not against them. Choose a snuggly option, like The Coziest Jogger and The Coziest Hoodie, to ensure they can sit comfortably as you make your way to your destination. 

    And, since accidents can happen, especially on long travel days, pack an extra set of clothes to change into. Pack the extra set in an easily accessible area, like in a bag in the center console or at the top of your carry-on bag. This way, you can grab the clothes quickly if you need them!

    Wet Wipes and Hand Sanitizer

    Spills and messes are nearly inevitable when traveling with kids. Turbulence, potholes, and sudden stops can cause spills and messes while your kiddo is snacking or drinking. So, remember to pack plenty of wet wipes to clean up spills and sticky hands along the trip. 

    Toss in a bottle of hand sanitizer, too, because this will come in handy before eating and after potty stops along the way! Leave it somewhere you can easily find it, like in a door pocket or a seat-back organizer. 

    Traveling with kids can be overwhelming, especially if you’re embarking on a long-haul flight or a multi-day journey by car. But by planning ahead and packing the travel essentials, such as cozy PJs and plenty of snacks, you can set yourself up for success and reduce stress for both you and your kiddos!


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