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6 Pumpkin, Spice, and Everything Nice DIY Crafts

6 Pumpkin, Spice, and Everything Nice DIY Crafts - Wear Lark

Hello, October!

And you know what that means. Time for some tricks and treats - DIY style!

Get your little one's creativity flowing with some awesome Pumpkin-inspired arts and crafts. 

 Five Little Pumpkins STEM Activity

Use a classic Halloween rhyme as your inspiration to get started with hands-on Preschool STEM activity. Challenge your child's thinking and problem-solving skills as they create their own unique solution to how you can build a structure that can hold five pumpkins!

Sharpie + Sticker Pumpkins

When you need to just keep them busy, get out some Sharpies, markers, stickers, and pumpkins - and let their imaginations work! If you go the Sharpie route, you might want to supervise them (and where the markers may go). 

Pumpkin Balloon Sensory Match

Fill your balloons with whatever contents you choose.  Make sure to make duplicates of each filling so that your child can match. Hand them over and let your child start playing and matching!

Pumpkin Hammering

This is a fun activity that teaches them new skills and patience! You can adapt the activity to either have the loose golf tees in a container for the child to independently pound into the pumpkin or pre-load the tees directly into the pumpkin for them to hit. 

Pumpkin Handprint 

This is SO easy.  Simpy find yourself a little hand to paint orange, a little finger to paint green, and some paper! You can do whatever you want with the end produc - Cut them out, glue them on construction paper, and you have an adorable card! 

Pumpkin Rice Krispy Treat

How about a DIY craft that looks AND tastes amazing! Rice krispies are the perfect no-bake treat that you and your little one can create together. Check out the step-by-step instructions from Cooking Classy

Happy Crafting!

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