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6 Mom Hacks for Simple Infant Diaper Changes

6 Mom Hacks for Simple Infant Diaper Changes - Wear Lark

toddler handing a sitting child a toyWhether you are a brand new or experienced mama, changing diapers is quite honestly not the easiest task. Making sure that your little Lark is comfortable getting out of their soft and breathable footies, especially while changing a diaper outside of your home, is crucial to a smooth change. We want to show you 6 tips that we’ve put together that you can incorporate into your diaper changing routine to ensure you and your little Lark are stress-free and happy. 

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6 Easy Ways To Slip Your Kiddo Out of Their Footies and into a Fresh Diaper

diaper of an infant being changedUse these 6 tips to make diaper changes a breeze! 

      1. Use Lark Footies and Essentials That Diaper Changes Easier

If you are running errands while taking care of your kiddo, there is bound to be a time for a messy diaper change in a store or restaurant restroom. Before even getting to the diaper, you have to tackle the buttons and zippers of the clothing your little Lark has on. Think ahead in the morning and plan an easy-to-change outfit that will make it as breezy as possible for you to take the clothes off of your kiddo. Footies are an excellent example of what to wear for your little Lark’s day out. 

Our footies are designed with reverse zippers to make diaper changes so much more manageable for you and your kiddo. Unzip without taking the whole sleeper off! They have extra-grippy feet for early walkers, tagless labels for maximum comfort, and are made from our temperature regulating Softek fabric that is breathable and stain-resistant. 

     2. Change on a Washable Pad

Have a washable pad on hand to change your little Lark on to solve the problem of those not-so-pleasant accidents while that extra layer is also a protection against germs. The most popular of these are pads covered in a plastic coating because you can wipe off the mess without worrying about the hassle of a washing machine or bleach. 

I know exactly what you’re thinking, how can a plastic mat be comfortable for my little one? There are actually many of these mats made with thick foam to keep your kiddo happy. If you are on the go a lot and looking for a pad to use while traveling (post-pandemic times, of course), there are plastic pads thinly lined and foldable made specifically for packing up. 

      3. Get Rid of that Diaper Stink

To be completely honest, a diaper is going to stink from time to time -- and I mean stink really badly. A common solution to a stinky diaper is placing a drop of essential oil or Vick’s Vaporub on your upper lip to protect your nostrils from the stench. Your kiddo’s clothes may also get stained or wet during the changing process, and keeping the clean clothes separate from the dirty ones while on the go can get complicated. Use a simple plastic shopping bag to place your dirty clothes in or purchase a reusable diaper bag to keep with you at all times. A cloth or polyester diaper bag can be waterproof, have many other uses, and produce less waste than single-use plastic bags. 

      4. Protect Against Diaper Rash

Of course we don’t want our little Lark’s bum to have a diaper rash, but unfortunately, it is going to happen when it comes to a newborn or infant bum. Keep your kiddo’s diapers dry, clean, and not wrapped too tightly to avoid your chances of entering diaper rash territory. Giving your kiddo some time without a diaper can also let their bottom breathe and remain dry. 

While giving your little Lark a bath, you can use mild soap or a soap-free cleanser and again patting gently to dry them off. Getting them changed into a clean diaper with a cozy pair of footies will leave them feeling comfortable, clean, and relaxed! 

      5. Use Distractions

Is your little Lark restless while you are just trying to make sure they have a fresh diaper? Doesn’t it always seem to happen when you are already in a rush? Have distractions ready to make everyone involved, you and your little one, a lot more calm and collected. Keep a few toys at your changing station or in your diaper bag to divert your kiddo’s attention and give yourself even a few extra seconds of time before they are moving around again. 

      6. Think of a Diaper Change as Bonding Time

I know firsthand that changing a diaper can seem like a chore, but adjusting your perspective can help out a lot. Having those toys that you use as a distraction can double as an extra moment of playtime since you are already capturing their attention -- well, for the most part. Using a diaper change as a chance to talk, play, and give your little Lark a few extra tickles can make it worth the frustration. 

Dreading a diaper change is extremely common, for me included, but it can become simpler with a few quick tips and tricks. Lark Adventurewear is not only fashionable for your kiddo but can help you out as well. We offer footies, rompers, sleepwear, and more that are all devoted to keeping infants and toddlers sweat-free, cool, protected, and happy! All styles are perfect play clothes that transition from outside to indoors and are UPF 50+ Sun Safe to protect delicate skin. Shop all of our collections now for your little Larks.
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