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6 Effective Methods for Treating Your Baby’s Eczema

6 Effective Methods for Treating Your Baby’s Eczema - Wear Lark

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Have you noticed red, crusty patches on your baby’s skin lately? Known as eczema, this skin condition often shows up during your baby’s first months. Most babies will outgrow it. However, eczema can be uncomfortable and irritating for your little one. If your baby has eczema, there are several methods you can use to ease their discomfort and get rid of those dry, flaky patches on their skin. From dressing your little one in soft bamboo baby clothes to identifying different triggers, these tips will make it easier to care for a baby with eczema. 

Diagnosing Eczema in Babies and Children

baby feetWatching your baby struggle with eczema can be tough. But there are multiple ways you can help them.

Before you start treating your child for eczema, you need to make sure that this is really the skin condition your child has. Some people confuse baby eczema with cradle cap, which usually appears around the scalp and is less red and scaly than the former condition. It’s also important to know that the rashes can get worse and cause flare-ups that make it difficult for your baby to sleep. 

Remember to educate yourself on the common signs of baby eczema, such as:

  • Itchy and rough patches of dry skin
  • Red spots
  • Swelling

So, if you think your baby is suffering from eczema or a similar skin condition, you should take them to the doctor for a check-up. Once you know for certain that they have eczema and not a different condition, you can begin treatment accordingly. 

Top 6 Tips for Taking Care of a Baby with Eczema

parent applying skin cream on babyHelp your child feel better and look better with these simple tips.

1. Swaddle them in bamboo baby clothes

baby in orange clothesSwitching your child to bamboo clothing can make a huge difference.

Dressing your child in soft, breathable bamboo clothes can make a huge difference. Lark Adventurewear’s footies and PJ’s are made from temperature-regulating Softek™ fabric that keeps them cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. These colorful and fun PJs will keep your baby cozy and comfortable as they battle their eczema. 

2. Give them a warm bath and apply moisturizer

One of the best things you can do for your child is to give them a nice, warm bath. You don’t need to spend too much time on the bath. In fact, you should limit it to 10 minutes at the most. When bathing your child, make sure you only use a mild, scent-free cleanser on their skin. After you finish bathing them, apply some scent-free cream or ointment. This will help your baby’s skin effectively absorb and lock in the moisturizer. 

3. Identify your little one’s triggers

Regular, everyday objects might be behind your child’s eczema. Sweat and saliva are some common bodily triggers. External culprits like the laundry detergent you use to clean their clothes or your baby powder could also be causing your little one’s skin problems. Other common triggers include:

  • Harsh soaps
  • Non-breathable fabric
  • Fragrances

Once you identify these triggers, you can figure out what you need to do to avoid them. For instance, you might just need to use a different fabric softener or switch to an unscented soap. Or you need to proactively wipe away drool from their face.

4. Apply a wet dressing to a flare-up

rolled set of hot wet towelApplying a wet towel to flare-ups can help your little one feel comfortable again.

Flare-ups can be rough. If your little one starts experiencing a flare-up, you can apply a wet dressing to keep it under control. Simply wet a cloth with cool water, wring it out, and place it over the affected area. Moisturizing it before applying the dressing can help provide extra relief for your little one. 

5. Prevent your baby from scratching

Scratching will make the eczema worse. To prevent your little one from scratching themselves while they sleep, you can give them special newborn mittens. Long-sleeve sleepers with built-in mittens are also available. Try to find ones that are difficult to pull off, as your little one may try to remove them!

6. Try topical corticosteroids

Topical corticosteroids are commonly used to treat eczema. You can apply them after your finish bathing your baby and before you apply their regular moisturizer. 

Treating a child with eczema can be tough. There will be nights when you feel like a bad parent who is incapable of making their child feel better. But it’s important to stay strong and push through these difficult times. Remember, you can always ask your pediatrician for further advice and assistance if you feel that none of these techniques are working. 

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