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6 Adorable Easter Basket Stuffers Created by Small Businesses

6 Adorable Easter Basket Stuffers Created by Small Businesses - Wear Lark

adorable baby girl with easter basketHave you checked out Lark Adventurewear? We make premium bamboo essentials for kids 0-8 years from our special Softek™ fabric. Super-Soft, Breathable and Stain Resistant.

Easter is just around the corner! If your family celebrates this special spring holiday, then now is the perfect time to start planning out your day. Maybe you want to start the morning off with a little Easter egg hunt. Or you want to cook a nice breakfast for your family. Next up, you might want to surprise your little one with a fun Easter basket filled with candy and toys. Whatever you plan, we’re sure that you will have a fun and exciting day with the whole family! 

That said, planning out a whole day for this special holiday can get a little stressful. If you aren’t sure what gifts you want to surprise your little one with, don’t worry. We have you covered. In our latest blog post, we’re reviewing the top 6 Easter basket stuffers made by small businesses. Whether you want to purchase your little one the softest baby pajamas ever or surprise them with a new book, you’ll find everything you need for your Easter basket below. 

From Sweets to the Softest Baby Pajamas EVER: 6 Exciting Easter Basket Stuffers for Your Little Ones

1. Bannor Toys

small child playing with wooden stackersBannor Toys was founded by two parents who wanted to modernize old wooden toys for their children to help develop their creativity and imagination. You can find a wide selection of interesting wooden toys here, such as the Pretend Wooden Cash Register and the Mini Sight Words Matching Game. Bannor Toys offers products for everyone from babies to big kids, making it easy to find a toy your little one will love.   

2. Easter Egg Coloring Book

colorful easter coloring bookWho doesn’t enjoy a fun coloring book? Surprise your little one with a Great Big Easter Egg Coloring book! Different Easter eggs cover each page of this adorable coloring book. The book’s extra thick lines and super simple patterns also make it perfect for younger children aged 1 to 4. This simple, inexpensive coloring book can occupy your child for hours. 

3. Lark Adventurewear - The Softest Baby Pajamas and More

small child in pink onesieAs the sun comes out again and the weather finally grows warmer, we need to find soft, breathable clothes for our little ones. Lark Adventurewear offers some of the softest baby pajamas ever for your precious children. 

Made from innovative, temperature-regulating Softek™ fabric, Lark Adventurewear essentials are perfect for dressing your little one in on a warm, sunny day. The clothes’ eco-friendly bamboo and cotton blend material also offer UPF 50+ protection against sun and sweat. Whether you are looking for new pajamas for your little ones or a new outfit for playdates, you can find a fun variety of soft and colorful bamboo essentials at Lark Adventurewear. 

4. Operation ResCUTE

plush dogsNot all families can welcome a dog into their house at the present time. But if your little one loves dogs, you can surprise them with a plush dog from Operation ResCUTE. Operation ResCUTE offers books and stuffed animals designed to educate children on adopting shelter dogs who need loving homes to take them in. 

All of the stories written in these books are inspired by real events. Not only does purchasing from ResCUTE give you the opportunity to give your child a gift they’ll love, but it also gives you the chance to give back to the community. 100% of the profits go right to animal shelters. 

5. Raddish Kids

mother spending time with her kidsRaddish Kids is a popular cooking club designed just for kids. Every month, the company delivers a new kit featuring a fun culinary theme for kids to follow. Inside each kit are three different recipe guides that offer thorough step-by-step instructions. Younger kids can work with the parents while older ones can experiment and practice on their own. 

6. Sarris Candies

chocolate and candyAn Easter basket wouldn’t be complete without some candy! Sarris Candies is a Pittsburgh legend that has been around since the 1950s. We look forward to their seasonal assortments each year, and their Easter one is one of the best. You're sure to please any sweet tooth with an order from them.

Planning for Easter can be a fun, but stressful, endeavor. This year, plan ahead for this special holiday so you can take some time to enjoy it yourself while your kids open their Easter baskets. From soft baby pajamas to sweet candies, you can find everything you need for your Easter baskets here!
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