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4 Tips for Building the Perfect Sleep Environment for Your Baby

4 Tips for Building the Perfect Sleep Environment for Your Baby - Wear Lark

Kid is playingThere is nothing better than knowing that your Little Lark is getting a good night’s sleep or taking a refreshing nap. Putting together a comforting environment for them can make it easier for them to fall asleep — and stay asleep. Breathable crib sheets can be a starting point for your kiddo’s sleep environment. I’ve put together 4 of the best ways I’ve found to enhance your Little Lark’s sleeping environment for a great rest. 

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4 Ways to Keep Your Kiddo Comfy and Cozy in Their Sleep Environment

      1. Breathable Crib Sheets

three children playing in bedBreathable sheets are the way to go when setting up your kiddo’s sleep environment. 

It all starts with a comfortable set of sheets. No one wants their Little Lark’s baby soft cheeks sleeping on scratchy sheets at night. Picking out the suitable sheets not only means smooth, but it also means choosing a breathable crib sheet, so your kiddo does not get hot throughout the night. Our temperature-regulated Softek™ bamboo material ensures that your little one is sleeping soundly and happily. The Bamboo Crib Sheets are excellent for sensitive or eczema-prone skin and are very sensory-friendly for kiddos who struggle with sensory issues. Pair these great sheets with our bestselling footies or 2-piece pajamas for the most comfortable rest for your Little Lark. 

       2. White-Noise Machines

white noise machine with baby in backgroundImage courtesy of Redtri.

Half of a little one’s sleep is in REM, also known as rapid eye movement. REM sleep is the lightest stage of sleep and means that your kiddo is just about ready to wake up by the sound of anything. A white-noise machine will block out the sounds of your phone ringing, construction in the neighborhood, or your TV show you may be playing a little louder than usual. There are hundreds of different machines between different price ranges and with various features — there is one for every parent and baby duo out there. 

Some of these machines have timers that you can set, but it could be best to decide on one with a plug so you can turn it on and off whenever you want. Establish that your white-noise device is safe for your Little Lark’s ears by testing it with another adult. Have one person stand outside of the room and talk while the machine is running. If working correctly, it should muffle the sound of their voice without drowning it out altogether. 

       3. Blackout Shades

baby sleepingImage courtesy of

Did you know that sleep hormones release in the darkness? Yes, there is even science to back up why sleeping in a dark room is the best place. Just as most of us enjoy sleeping in darkness, so do our little ones. When you are designing your baby’s sleep environment, think about it as a dark cave. Now, if you are thinking, “Well, if they can sleep soundly in the dark, they probably won’t be able to sleep outside of their cave of a room!” It could be a possibility, but it is not valid for all kiddos. There are plenty of Little Larks sleeping well in daycare centers when the environment is not optimal while also staying sound asleep in their cave at home. 

Having blackout shades in your Little Lark’s room will ensure that they are not overstimulated while trying to rest. Light is one of the most significant sources of stimulation, so making the room a bit darker can quickly improve a nap. Aim for a darkness level where it would be difficult to make out your hand if outstretched in front of your face.

       4. Temperature

thermostatImage courtesy of Guy’s AC & Heating.

Just as the breathable bed sheets will make your Little Lark feel cool while they are sleeping, it’s essential to adjust the temperature in their room too. Our internal temperatures are usually at their highest in the early afternoon and lowest around 5:00 am, which means it is constantly changing. When we fall asleep, our bodies naturally cool off. Having the room at a cooler temperature will help your little one’s body temperature decrease and guide them into falling asleep quicker. The optimal temperature should be somewhere between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in a place where it is challenging to keep the room at this level, dressing your Little Lark to reach the temperature range is the next best thing. 

Breathable sheets, lighting, noise, and temperature are factors to consider when building the perfecting sleep environment for your little one. To get started on your kiddo’s room, shop our Softest Crib Sheets collection! The sheets are all made out of temperature-regulated Softek™ bamboo material, are stain-resistant, and safe for kiddos with delicate skin. Add our tagless, functional sleepwear into your carts while you are on our site to put together the ultimate sleep set for your Little Lark.
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