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10 Tips for Capturing Gorgeous Photos of Your Children

10 Tips for Capturing Gorgeous Photos of Your Children - Wear Lark

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Taking photos of children can be difficult. Whether you’re having issues with getting them to sit still or to stop making goofy faces at the camera, you probably understand how draining photoshoots with them can be. But don’t fret. It is possible to take some gorgeous photos of your little ones without losing your mind! The next time you dress your little one in their favorite toddler pajamas and prep them for a photoshoot, keep these simple photography tips in mind!

Top 10 Tips for Organizing a Successful Photo Shoot with Your Little Ones

From Photography Basics to Comfortable Bamboo Outfits, These Tips Help Ensure Great Shots

child in pink pajamas lying on blue blanketYou’ll want to take plenty of photos of your children while they are still young. They grow so quickly!

1. Help them get used to the camera

Seeing a camera can make some people squirm. Even some adults still have trouble with posing and smiling naturally in front of a camera. 

If you’re having trouble capturing natural photos of your children, you just might need to give them a little extra time to get used to the camera. Just be persistent and keep working to get that perfect shot. After a while, they will get used to the camera and you’ll be able to capture some wonderful images. 

2. Shoot in soft natural light

Lighting can make a huge difference in photos. Unless you have your own photography studio where you can control the lighting, you’ll need to time your photoshoots accordingly so you can shoot when the best kind of light is out. 

If possible, try shooting early in the morning or an hour before sunset. If neither time slot works for you and you need to shoot in the daytime, try to find an area with dappled shade to diffuse the harsh light. Shooting indoors? Find a room with a window.  

3. Capture candid moments

child playing with blocksCandid moments can make great photographs!

Don’t try to force the photoshoot with stiff and awkward poses. Instead, just let your child be themselves. If you’re at a playground, let them climb on the monkey bars and play on the swings. Out in the woods? Let them explore this fascinating, new world around them. Candid moments look great on camera.

4. Focus the camera on your children’s eyes

Switch your camera to the manual setting so you can control its focus point. Then, aim the focus point at your child’s eye. If you’re photographing multiple people, you will need to keep them in the same focal plane. Make sure they maintain the same distance from the camera. You can also focus the camera on the closest subject if it’s difficult for them to stay at the same distance away from the camera. 

5. Try to get down to their level

mother taking photo of childTry to kneel down to get on your child’s level.

When you photograph them, make sure you get down to their eye level. You might have to crouch or kneel down in order to capture photos at their height. But the temporary discomfort will be worth it, as you’ll capture stunning photos you’ll want to keep forever. If you’re photographing multiple children, try to stoop down to the height of the tallest child. 

6. Brighten up their faces

For most photoshoots, you will want to make your child’s face the brightest part of the photo. One common technique is to photograph your child at an angle that places them in front of a dark background. You can also adjust the Exposure Compensation dial and AE Lock settings on your camera so that it exposes your child’s face. 

7. Use a simple background

You don’t have to splurge on an elaborate photo backdrop or spend hours hunting for a detailed background. In fact, it’s better to just play it safe with a simple background. Since children often wear colorful, patterned clothes, placing them in front of a simple background prevents the image from looking too complicated. When photographing your children, make sure there aren’t any tree branches or telephone poles sticking out in the background. 

8. Use continuous mode

If your camera offers rapid-fire, AKA continuous, mode, make sure you use it for your photoshoot. Children don’t stay still for long. This mode optimizes your chances of capturing that perfect shot. Just make sure you delete the outtakes before uploading them to your computer. This will save you a lot of time in the future! 

9. Don’t forget the rule of thirds

child playing outsideThe rule of thirds is a simple and easy rule to remember. 

The rule of thirds is one of the most popular rules of photography composition. To create a compelling and interesting photo, you can place your child alongside one of the dividing lines or at one of their intersections. What results is a strong, balanced image. 

10. Make sure your child is comfortable in bamboo clothes

Make sure your child feels comfortable and confident in their clothes!

Photoshoots can sometimes feel long and tedious for your little ones. While you want them dressed in nice, clean clothes, you should make sure they are also comfortable. If you’re looking for soft and stylish toddler pajamas, you’ll love Lark Adventurewear’s bamboo essentials. Their colorful hoodies, joggers, tees, leggings, and sets are perfect for your next photo shoot. 

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